Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012!

First of all I'd like to thank all of our troops past present and future! I could never thank you enough!

Let me start on Thursday! The Hubby and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missori. It was such a nice little getaway even though the park was crowded!

 On the way!

 Glass Blower!

 Our Yummy Lunch!

 This ones out of order! HA! Me and my sweet girl on Saturday! 

 Hubby and me at Silver Dollar City! Not a great pic! :(

 Our New Shoes!

 While we were in Branson these two sweeties spent the day at my Mom and Dad's!

Friday we did absolutely nothing! It was so nice to relax for a change!

Saturday the Hubby had a fishing tournament with his Dad so I did some Mary Kay facials!

 All ready for facials!

I also spent the day with my two sweeties!
 Cash and his new toy! He loves it!

 I love these two! :)

Sunday we went to church and then went out to eat at Cracker Barrel for lunch with my parents and brother and sis in law! After lunch we decided to set up the pool!

All ready to go! Can't wait to get in!

After setting up the pool we decided to go see the Avengers movie with a couple of our friends! I loved the movie it was so funny!

Monday I did a couple facials and gave a piano lesson, then we went to a cookout with my family!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend! It's almost time to head to bed and get ready for some more facials tomorrow and hopefully some relaxing in the pool! :)  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy but fun weekend! We had two weddings to attend one on Friday night and one on Saturday they were both such beautiful weddings and I'm very happy for both couples. We got to spend most of the weekend with our friends since we were going to the weddings. 

Me and Emily :)

Saturday morning I had a Mary Kay event at the Peabody Hotel and I had to bring a guest so I took Stevi. We had a blast and I am so inspired and filled with great ideas from that morning. 

Sunday was filled with church, napping, and working on Mary Kay stuff! So tonight I am relaxing with my loves and enjoying the free time.

 Sweet Girl :)

We're ready for bed! HAHA!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is fabulous! It looks like another busy week for me! I hope it's as good as last week! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi all, things are going wonderful here! I've been working on my Mary Kay business and enjoying the warm weather! I received my Mary Kay pin at my last meeting and am loving this new adventure! 

 My PIN!

I also have a new car!! I am so excited! It's so nice to finally have a nice car and I really love it!

Its a 2000 Honda Accord!

I am very much looking forward to the weekend we have a lot of exciting things happening this weekend! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh Where Have I Been!

Sorry I haven't blogged much at all! I know it's terrible of me! I have been so busy lately that I just haven't had the time! In fact I'm blogging on my phone right now! I do have some exciting new adventures to tell you about! I have become an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and I couldn't be more excited! I hope this adventure brings me happiness and encourages me to do things I normally wouldn't do! I am also in the process of going back to college to get my Music Education degree! So many new and exciting things! However it hasn't all been exciting! My car is finally playing out on me so I am in the process of trying to find a new car! I also smashed my hand in my car door on Monday and broke my finger! :( That has been no fun! Anyway, I will quit rambling on and let you enjoy your Friday! We will be car shopping and going to a graduation this weekend! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!