Friday, January 29, 2010


We had a snow day today!! We don't usually get much snow here and most of the time the weatherman says it will snow and it does absolutly nothing so it was very unexpected! Since it is cold and the roads are bad most of my day has been spend playing on the computer, building puzzles, and eating my new addiction.

Dill Pickle Pringles! They are soo good if you like dill pickles you should definetly try them!
Anyway, here are the pictures I got of the snow!
I took this one inside which is why it's blurry!

My car and now it has even more snow on it!

Me and my Holli! She hates the snow and doesn't want to go out at all!

It is supposed to snow most of the night and probably start melting some tomorrow. I think it is soo pretty to look at and watch falling from the sky! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's that time again! It's American Idol Thursday and this week auditions were held in Dallas and Los Angelas.

LA- I was not happy with either of the guest judges in LA. I thought Avril Lavinge put to much thought into the people as a person then how they sounded. I was not impressed with Katy Perry either. It seemed to me that she didn't care really about being there. I just did not like these guest judge choices at all. I was not very impressed with LA's talent either. I thought they had a few good ones but I can't really remember a certain one that stood out. I thought there were way too many people crying at this audition and seemed like not very many made it through.

Dallas- The guest judges were Neil Patrick Young and Joe Jonas. I thought Neil Patrick Young did a great job and he seemed to know what he was talking about. Joe Jonas on the other hand was very quiet and didn't really seem to say a whole lot. I thought the girl that had played on Barney when she was younger was actually pretty good. I didn't really like her "costume" but I guess that doesn't really matter. Of course I liked the guy from Arkansas! I mean you have to support your home state. Ha! Anyway there were a few crazy ones of course like the girl that wore mostly pink and the guy that just knew he was the next American Idol. Don't you just love those?

For now my favorite auditions are still the Atlanta ones! So come back next week and see if that is still the same!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Birthday Weekend!

Friday was my 22nd birthday. Since Heath is away working my best friend Sarah and I went out. First we ate at TGIFriday's and then we went to the movies.

We saw The Lovely Bones. I still don't really know how to react to this movie. It was very good but at the same time it was kind of weird too. I thought parts of the movie were very strange and did not really understand why they were in the movie but most of the movie was good.
Saturday I did not do much. I went to my Mom and Dad's and my Mom and I started working on another puzzle. We didn't really do much Saturday since it was raining and yucky outside.
Sunday I had my family birthday party after church.
Me with my cake!

Me with some of my cousin's and E that didn't want his picture taken!

Opening presents!
The shoes I got!
Aren't these just adorable! They are house shoes and soo warm I love them!

So I bet you want to know what I got! I got those adorable shoes, some money and tickets to see George Strait, Reba McEntire, and LeeAnn Womack in concert in March. I am soo excited and can't wait to see them! All in all it was a good birthday weekend even though Heath couldn't be here!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today is my 22nd birthday!!! Doesn't everyone love birthdays? Since Heath is away working on my birthday, I decided that me and my best friend Sarah are going to go out to eat and maybe see a movie! I'm soo excited we are getting dressed up and I'm sure it will be a good time! I can't wait to spend time with Sarah, we haven't seen each other in a while! Anyway, this is a great day and a terrific way to start off the weekend!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday auditions were held in Chicago. I was not impressed with these auditions, and I don't think Simon, Randy, Kara, or Shania were either. There were a few talented singers in this group but I would say only about 15. I really liked the girl who had chronic asthma and had to have her inhaler the whole time. I also liked the girl that had made it into the top 50 on American Idol before (sorry I'm bad with names today). Of course I liked the 16 year old from Arkansas! I mean you gotta support your home state right? I still thought most of the show was about the bad singers and not the good ones. Not one of the best shows I would say!

Wednesday auditions were held in Orlando. I thought this was better than Chicago and seemed to have more talent. The guest judge was Kristen Chenoweth but she had to leave early so it was just Randy, Kara, and Simon on day 2. There were a few I really liked from this group. The girl that couldn't move one side of her face really surprised me, I thought it was really good. I also liked the guy that robbed a bank with a bb gun at 15 and was in jail for four years. Also, the guy that had an Autistic son was really good too! The sisters that tried out together were ok, I just don't think you should try out in a pair. I think it goes better if you try out as a solo.

Anyway, so far my favorite audition site has been Atlanta. I thought they had the most talent and their singers were incredible. Who knows that could all change next week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh So Random.....

1. This weekend was not very exciting. I really didn't do much I did however work on a puzzle and get a cute new scarf and some leggings to wear with a new outfit!

2. I am almost done writing my first song! I have the music to it now I just have to finish writing the words ha!

3. I officially have the American Idol "Pants on the Ground" ringtone, although, I have not set it as my ringtone yet. I just know I would be in the middle of an important conversation and that would go off. How embarrassing!

4. I have not really been watching The Bachelor. I did watch some of it Monday night and may have to start as I see there is a lot of drama this season.

5. Monday morning I woke up to find my car like this........
Apparently someone busted out my tail light. It looks terrible and I hate it. I can't believe someone would do that and not let me know! Anyway for now it is all taped up and ugly, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

6. Heath has started his new job in Mississippi. We haven't talked much the past couple of days because he is working the night shift, which is 7 pm to 7 am. He can't take his phone into work so we don't get much time to talk. So far his job is going good though.

7. I turn 22 Friday! Doesn't everyone love birthdays?

8. I hope you enjoyed the first post on American Idol. I can't wait till Thursday so I can write a new one.

9. I am so upset about the Haiti earthquake. I pray for them all during this difficult time. I am still amazed that they are finding people alive after so long of being under the rubble.

10. Sorry for such a random post but I had so many things I wanted to talk about and I wouldn't be able to blog about each thing!

Oh So Busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I have been very busy. I don't have much time to post right now as I am about to leave for our women's meeting at our church. I just wanted to write a quick little post that I will be blogging soon and I hate that I haven't had much time to read everyone's blogs. Be expecting a very interesting post tomorrow. I miss you all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tuesday's American Idol show was filmed in Boston. I was not very impressed with Boston and didn't find that they got many people from there. I thought there were a few good ones but mostly they were just bad. I mean really do these people really think they can sing. I would not want to embarrass myself like that. I did like a few people, mostly girls, sorry guys! I liked Ashely Rodriguez, Maddy Curtis, and Tyler Grady.

Wednesday night's show was in Atlanta. I thought Atlanta had great talent, but of course there were some crazy ones too! I thought the two girls that were BFF's were crazy and I don't think you should ever try out for a show with your best friend. In Atlanta, I liked the police officer, the down home country girl, and yes, I actually liked guitar girl. Of course there were some good ones. like the guy that said I will listen to whatever constructive critism they give me and then proceded to cuss out the judges and not listen to them at all. How about the 411 the show girl who said I will never promote American Idol again, really, I think American Idol can do without one show promoting them. My all time favorite though is below, it made me laugh and really this was amazing. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Oh yes the pants on the ground guy! This was just hillarious and I can't believe that guy was 62! I do think Simon was right and this could be a hit song ha! Just watch it again, you know you want to!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, Heath left for a month yesterday to go work in Mississippi/Alabama. I already can't wait for him to be home, I'm a little sad that he will miss my birthday on the 22nd and possibly Valentine's day (hopefully not though). At least he has a job and I don't have to work though. Anyway, since American Idol has started back I am starting something new on my blog. I will be doing American Idol Recap every Thursday. I would do it on Wednesday's but since American Idol comes on Tuesday's and Wednesday's I thought Thursday's would be the best day to do it on. Hope everyone has a GREAT Wednesday and don't worry the week is almost over!!

Couple Survey

I stole this from Valerie at so go check out her answers too!

In The Beginning

Your name:

Your partner's name:

How we met:
We met when I was in high school and he moved in with my brother who lived next door to me and my parents.

Where we met:
We met when he came over with my brother for supper one night.

What attracted you to each other:
I thought he was cute when we met but I didn't think much about it since I was 17 and he was 21! I didn't think there was even a chance.

How long before you went out:
We started talking in August of 2005 but didn't go on a date untill October of 2005.

First DateWhen:
October of 2005.

Our first date was actually a group date. A bunch of my friends were going out with their boyfriends to Ihop after the homecoming game so I asked him to come with me. Our first solo date was to see the movie FlightPlan.

Who asked who:
I asked him on the group date and he asked me on the solo date.

Best part about the date:
I don't really know. I'm just going to say being out with him.

Most nervous about:
Dating an older guy. I didn't know why he wanted to go out with me who was four years younger.

Who called whom first:
He called me first.

First KissWhen:
One night while we were watching a movie.

In my parent's recliner.

Who kissed whom first:
He kissed me.

We will always remember:
It was kind of a sudden thing. I guess we will always remember watching White Noise.

Saying the LOVE word

Who said it first:
He did!

Maybe two months after we started dating.

Outside a pool hall we used to go to. I had just got done singing there for the first time and we walked outside and he said it.

His reaction:
Incredibly sweet, you could tell he really meant it.

Your reaction:
I, was surprised at first. It was unexpected. Of course I said it back and was really excited after that.

First Trip

When was it:
Not long after we got together. Our high school band, which I was in, went to Silver Dollar city and he came with my parents and my brother.

Did you buy any souvenirs:
I don't remember, I don't think we did.

First gift he gave you:
Christmas that year. He gave me a heart necklace.

First gift you gave him:
I honestly can't remember. YIKES!

When was the last time you bought or received flowers:
The last time I got flowers was for Valentine's day last year.

What did or will you do for Valentines day?
Last year we didn't really do anything.

OK!Feast on this

First meal he cooked for you:
Deer meat and potatoes. It was soo good and he still fixes it for me.

First meal you cooked for him:
Sweet BBQ Ribs.

Foods you introduced to him:
Chicken roll ups.

Foods he introduced to you:
Lots I was a picky eater.

Favorite meals:

Favorite treats:
Ice Cream and sunflower seeds.

Favorite things to do:
We are pretty laid back. We just like to watch movies and spend time with our friends.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Mine is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and his is Rocky Road.

Out on the town

Favorite restaurants:
Fuji's it's a japanese steak house soo good.

Favorite dance club:
We don't go to clubs.

Favorite theatres:
We just go to whichever one has the movie we want to see playing. Sometimes we go to the Rave but not usually.

Favorite activities:
We love to have our friends over and play rockband.

Our future holds

What he wishes for:
Finacial stability, a new truck, to build our own house.

What you wish for:
Finacial stability, a new car, just to be happy, my career to be going.


Our Differences:
He's very outgoing and loves to be outside hunting or working on vehicles. I am more shy and would much rather be inside playing on the computer. I also, love to travel and experience new places.

Our Similarities:
We are both stubbern. Which I am probably more stubbern then he is. We love to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks and going tailgating. We love watching movies and spending time with our friends.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slow Weekend

This weekend we didn't do much. Friday night we stayed home and watched American Wedding! Ha if you haven't seen it it's a pretty funny movie. Saturday we stayed home and the guys cooked dinner, we had deer meat and potatoes. MMMMMM it was so good. Heath cooks this every now and then and it's always yummy. After dinner we watched the movie The Bank Job. This was a strange, but good movie. I had no idea it was a true story untill the end of the movie, that made it better. Sunday I was not feeling soo well because I had not had my allergy medicine in a couple of days so I didn't do much. We also watched No Country for Old Men it was a very strange movie and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. So this weekend was a very relaxing one for us. Today I have lessons at the recording studio and then I'm spending the day with Heath since he is leaving to go work in Alabama for a month tomorrow :(. I hope everyone has a GREAT week! I will try to update tomorrow but it just depends since the Hubby is leaving, it just might be later in the day when I do. Happy Monday to all!


Yvonne over at is giving away all of this GREAT stuff. Don't you just want it? Go check it out and enter to win! Good Luck to all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SPORTS: Not Just for Guys

I have never really been into sports. I played softball for one season and quit then I played basketball for a while and was forced to quit due to a foot problem. So sports have never really been my thing. I did watch college basketball with my Grandmother and continue to watch it, but football was never really my thing. Untill this year, I have really gotten into watching college football this year! I'm a die hard Razorback fan and I enjoy watching their games even though I don't always understand what's going on. As most sports fans know the BCS Championship game was played last night between Alabama and Texas.

I was soo happy that Alabama won! GO SEC!! However, I did think that Texas played well considering that their quaterback was taken out in the beginning of the game. I also loved Colt Mccoy's attitude through the whole process. He had very good sportsmanship and I really like that in players. I still have to go with the SEC team though. Needless to say I am now hooked to watching football and I can't wait for the next season!! I hope there are more women out there that like football cause it doesn't just have to be an all guy sport.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I must have been G.O.O.D this year! I got a brand new phone Monday!!
The LG Chocolate Touch! I just LOVE it!! I've never had a touch screen phone so I wasn't sure if I would like it but I do. Ok, so it wasn't really for Christmas but I can pretend right? I also got a case and protector screens too! It's a really GREAT phone so if your looking to change you might check into this!

On another note it is FREEZING here! we are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow morning! I hope it snows cause if it's gonna be this cold it could at least snow! Otherwise, I'm ready for summer!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Surprise

Heath and I had decided to wait a while before we got each other's Christmas presents. So I was not expecting anything at all! The Tuesday after Christmas I got up and went to get a drink out of the fridge and this is what I saw.........

Heath had gotten me a pandora charm bracelet!!! I was soo excited, it was completly unexpected!
I only have one charm on it so far! It says love, but I just LOVE it!! I can't wait to add more charms to it and I keep thinking of ones I want for it! It was a GREAT surprise!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Under Construction

BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Bring in the crains! My blog is under construction right now! I'm working on a new blog design for my fabulous little blog, so if things look a little funny around here for a couple days that's why!

I have been soo busy lately and could really use some relaxing! Here is how our weekend went:

Friday- We relaxed most of the day and then that night I went to eat at my Aunt and Uncle's and we played a few games! It was fun to be around family playing games.

Saturday- We headed off to a friends house and watched the Razorbacks BARELY take the Liberty Bowl victory over East Carolina! I was soo glad they won I didn't think they were gonna pull it off!

Sunday- It's SNOWING!!!! I woke up this morning to head to church and it was just starting! Now it is 4:30 pm and it's still going! This morning in the Sunday School class I help teach we had a lesson over the passover! We made all the food that they would have had at the first supper and had a cute table all decorated! The kids really loved seeing and smelling all the different food! We didn't make them eat it they had cookies instead! It was soo much fun though!

I hope you all have had a GREAT weekend and can relax a little!!

2010 is here!!

We had a GREAT night celebrating the New Year with friends! We went over to a friends house and played games and ate (ha)! It was tons of fun! We shot off a few fireworks at midnight and just enjoyed having fun!

The boys played darts! Heath's is the one dead on the bull's eye!!
I hope you all had a fabulous new year!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


I attended the Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, and Brad Paisley concert!

I turned 21!

We celebrated Valentine's Day!

I had lots of best friend time!

We dyed Easter eggs!
We celebrated Easter with family!

We had our first wedding shower!
I saw Kris Allen perform in Conway!
We were MARRIED!

We went on our honeymoon to Nashville, TN!
We celebrated Fourth of July!
We celebrated Heath's birthday!
This was a slow month but we enjoyed some time with friends!
We tailgated at the first Hogs game of the season!
I went on a trip with our church ladies to Branson for a conference!
We attended the wedding of Blake and Bart!
I walked in the Race for a Cure with my church ladies!
We celebrated Halloween!
We tailgated at another Hogs game!
With some GREAT friends!
We took Christmas pictures!
We had our first Christmas as Husband and Wife!

2009 has been a GREAT year for us! I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us!