Sunday, January 3, 2010

Under Construction

BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Bring in the crains! My blog is under construction right now! I'm working on a new blog design for my fabulous little blog, so if things look a little funny around here for a couple days that's why!

I have been soo busy lately and could really use some relaxing! Here is how our weekend went:

Friday- We relaxed most of the day and then that night I went to eat at my Aunt and Uncle's and we played a few games! It was fun to be around family playing games.

Saturday- We headed off to a friends house and watched the Razorbacks BARELY take the Liberty Bowl victory over East Carolina! I was soo glad they won I didn't think they were gonna pull it off!

Sunday- It's SNOWING!!!! I woke up this morning to head to church and it was just starting! Now it is 4:30 pm and it's still going! This morning in the Sunday School class I help teach we had a lesson over the passover! We made all the food that they would have had at the first supper and had a cute table all decorated! The kids really loved seeing and smelling all the different food! We didn't make them eat it they had cookies instead! It was soo much fun though!

I hope you all have had a GREAT weekend and can relax a little!!


Sara E said...

congrats on the Razorback win... my sad Tigers lost in the Texas Bowl :(