Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's that time again! It's American Idol Thursday and this week auditions were held in Dallas and Los Angelas.

LA- I was not happy with either of the guest judges in LA. I thought Avril Lavinge put to much thought into the people as a person then how they sounded. I was not impressed with Katy Perry either. It seemed to me that she didn't care really about being there. I just did not like these guest judge choices at all. I was not very impressed with LA's talent either. I thought they had a few good ones but I can't really remember a certain one that stood out. I thought there were way too many people crying at this audition and seemed like not very many made it through.

Dallas- The guest judges were Neil Patrick Young and Joe Jonas. I thought Neil Patrick Young did a great job and he seemed to know what he was talking about. Joe Jonas on the other hand was very quiet and didn't really seem to say a whole lot. I thought the girl that had played on Barney when she was younger was actually pretty good. I didn't really like her "costume" but I guess that doesn't really matter. Of course I liked the guy from Arkansas! I mean you have to support your home state. Ha! Anyway there were a few crazy ones of course like the girl that wore mostly pink and the guy that just knew he was the next American Idol. Don't you just love those?

For now my favorite auditions are still the Atlanta ones! So come back next week and see if that is still the same!


Alissa said...

I'm loving AI this season. It's addictive. I loved Neil Patrick Harris last night. Have a great day!