Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couple Survey

I stole this from Valerie at www.nexttoheavenblog.com so go check out her answers too!

In The Beginning

Your name:

Your partner's name:

How we met:
We met when I was in high school and he moved in with my brother who lived next door to me and my parents.

Where we met:
We met when he came over with my brother for supper one night.

What attracted you to each other:
I thought he was cute when we met but I didn't think much about it since I was 17 and he was 21! I didn't think there was even a chance.

How long before you went out:
We started talking in August of 2005 but didn't go on a date untill October of 2005.

First DateWhen:
October of 2005.

Our first date was actually a group date. A bunch of my friends were going out with their boyfriends to Ihop after the homecoming game so I asked him to come with me. Our first solo date was to see the movie FlightPlan.

Who asked who:
I asked him on the group date and he asked me on the solo date.

Best part about the date:
I don't really know. I'm just going to say being out with him.

Most nervous about:
Dating an older guy. I didn't know why he wanted to go out with me who was four years younger.

Who called whom first:
He called me first.

First KissWhen:
One night while we were watching a movie.

In my parent's recliner.

Who kissed whom first:
He kissed me.

We will always remember:
It was kind of a sudden thing. I guess we will always remember watching White Noise.

Saying the LOVE word

Who said it first:
He did!

Maybe two months after we started dating.

Outside a pool hall we used to go to. I had just got done singing there for the first time and we walked outside and he said it.

His reaction:
Incredibly sweet, you could tell he really meant it.

Your reaction:
I, was surprised at first. It was unexpected. Of course I said it back and was really excited after that.

First Trip

When was it:
Not long after we got together. Our high school band, which I was in, went to Silver Dollar city and he came with my parents and my brother.

Did you buy any souvenirs:
I don't remember, I don't think we did.

First gift he gave you:
Christmas that year. He gave me a heart necklace.

First gift you gave him:
I honestly can't remember. YIKES!

When was the last time you bought or received flowers:
The last time I got flowers was for Valentine's day last year.

What did or will you do for Valentines day?
Last year we didn't really do anything.

OK!Feast on this

First meal he cooked for you:
Deer meat and potatoes. It was soo good and he still fixes it for me.

First meal you cooked for him:
Sweet BBQ Ribs.

Foods you introduced to him:
Chicken roll ups.

Foods he introduced to you:
Lots I was a picky eater.

Favorite meals:

Favorite treats:
Ice Cream and sunflower seeds.

Favorite things to do:
We are pretty laid back. We just like to watch movies and spend time with our friends.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Mine is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and his is Rocky Road.

Out on the town

Favorite restaurants:
Fuji's it's a japanese steak house soo good.

Favorite dance club:
We don't go to clubs.

Favorite theatres:
We just go to whichever one has the movie we want to see playing. Sometimes we go to the Rave but not usually.

Favorite activities:
We love to have our friends over and play rockband.

Our future holds

What he wishes for:
Finacial stability, a new truck, to build our own house.

What you wish for:
Finacial stability, a new car, just to be happy, my career to be going.


Our Differences:
He's very outgoing and loves to be outside hunting or working on vehicles. I am more shy and would much rather be inside playing on the computer. I also, love to travel and experience new places.

Our Similarities:
We are both stubbern. Which I am probably more stubbern then he is. We love to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks and going tailgating. We love watching movies and spending time with our friends.


Leesie said...

Cute survey, yay for getting to know you better.

Valerie said...

Cute!! I think it's fun learning about new people :)