Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornado Cleanup - Day 4 & 5


I slept in a little bit on Friday. After I got up I headed to help. Apparently it was the day of the radio stations. Two local stations were out there and it was just weird for them to be there. My Mom and I decided to go over to what we call the Old Gym, which is where most of the supplies for people are, and help there. We folded and sorted clothes and packed them in boxes to move to another location. It's been so nice to be able to help in some way. My sweet hubby has been out everyday cutting wood and he is soo tired. You just can't help not to help though. You feel bad when you don't.


My Mom and I actually took some time for ourselves today. We decided to go to Toad Suck. It just wasn't the same but at least we got away a little. I got some yummy fried pickles and we split a fried twinkie (YUM) and fried smoochies (hershey kisses). It was delicious. After that we came home and took some friends that had stuff to donate to the people they were giving the items too. It was nice to rest a little. It is raining now and they say we are going to be getting tons of rain the next couple of days. So probably won't be doing much work. Anyway, that's all the info I have for now. Please continue to pray for the tornado victims.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Cleanup - Day 3

Today has been a hard day for me. Why I can't really say. I did the same thing as I did yesterday. I am pretty sure being soo tired is not helping the situation. Today it was so hard to get into our town. Even residents had to be issued a badge. Everyone is working so hard to clean-up our little town. I think the main reason I'm having a hard time is because I was called inconsiderate for not letting a car get down a road. I really wanted to say that they had no idea if I had lost anything or how much I have been doing to help. It really really upset me and people should think before they speak. I really don't want to be thinking about this tornado and the damage. I would much rather be getting all excited about the Royal Wedding and about the town nearby us' annual Toad Suck Daze Festival. Instead, pretty much all I can think about is how so many have been affected by these storms not just here in Arkansas. Please pray for everyone effected. Here are some more pictures. I have a couple of the tornado and some of damage.

This was a home that belonged to a couple in our church! So sad :(
This house has been in our town for so long and I just can't believe the damage done.

Keep us in your prayers please. Pray that we remain strong during this process and that those who have lost everything receive the help they need. Thank you for listening to me rant a bit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornado Cleanup - Day 2

It's day two of our horrible disaster. Today my Mom and I went around the community to pass out flashlights, batteries, food, water, and just whatever we could. Heath and my Dad helped with tarping roofs on houses and also with cutting up trees with chainsaws! I am so amazed by all of the support our community is getting and from places I never would have imagined. It's just incredible. I am so proud to be a part of our community and the fact that we are all pulling together in this time. I still cannot believe all of the damage that has been done to our town. I'm just heartbroken over all the destruction. Please continue to pray for our community.

These pictures were all taken today while out helping. I also would like to ask you to pray for Alabama. They too have had devastating tornadoes. And for some comic relief during this time.....

This sign says "If your here to loot we shoot, call 911 first."

Oh and if you don't really know what I'm talking about see the post before this one!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Is My Reality!

This will probably be the longest post that I have ever made! I would really like to post happy pictures of our Easter and talk about happy things but I can't. Last night a tornado hit my hometown. Luckily my whole family was safe and only a few had damage. It has always been a fear of mine to have a tornado hit my town. I never imagined the damage or the feeling that I can't even recognize some of my town. I'm just so thankful that everyone of our family is fine. Sadly four people were killed in our small town of Arkansas. I'm so sad for the ones that have basically lost everything and for the ones that lost their loved ones. Here are some pictures from the downtown area and these aren't even half of the damage done to our town.
Some of the school!
One of the gas stations in town.

A BBQ Place!
A shop!
Power lines down!

Our pizza place!

Side of our grocery store!

Our Hardware store!


My hair salon!

An Auction Barn!


This is my Mom's friends house!

An 18 wheeler on it's side!

Every news station in the state has been in our town. Along with the National Guard, Red Cross, Verizon Charging Stations, Walmart help trucks and many others.
This is the trailor I used to live in. It's right by my parents house!
Tree down by my parents house!
Tree down by their dog Buddy!

My parents live right in the middle of town. Sonic is almost across the street. Thankfully their house was fine except for trees down.

All I can say is WOW! I can't even begin to express what I am feeling. Please Keep us in your prayers!