Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Fun!

I tried to post this yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me :( so here it is a day late!
We had a pretty good weekend! On Friday I made this yummy dinner and we spent the rest of the night watching the new Harry Potter Movie! It's pretty good!

Easy Peasy Chicken Alfredo Recipe:

1 pkg. Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Strips

Half a pkg. of fettucini noodles

1 jar of Alfredo sauce

First boil the noodes according to the package. While the noodles are boiling cook the chicken strips according to it's package. When the noodles and chicken are both done mix them together and add the Alfredo sauce. Heat for a few minutes and it's ready to serve!

On Saturday we had a lazy afternoon, that night we went to eat at one of our favorite places called Fuji's it's a japanese steakhouse! YUM!! After that we met up with a couple of friends and went bowling! It was a lot of fun!

Today was church day and we had communion tonight at church. It was very good and makes me ready for this week leading up to Easter.

Speaking of Easter I decided to post the few Easter decorations I have in my house! I wanted more but just didn't buy any :( oh well it will due for this year!

The vase has an H on it if you can't see it!

So that concludes the recap of our weekend! I hope you all have an incredible week! I leave you with this video of Natalie Grant's song I Will Not be Moved! I really love this song so enjoy!