Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornado Cleanup - Day 4 & 5


I slept in a little bit on Friday. After I got up I headed to help. Apparently it was the day of the radio stations. Two local stations were out there and it was just weird for them to be there. My Mom and I decided to go over to what we call the Old Gym, which is where most of the supplies for people are, and help there. We folded and sorted clothes and packed them in boxes to move to another location. It's been so nice to be able to help in some way. My sweet hubby has been out everyday cutting wood and he is soo tired. You just can't help not to help though. You feel bad when you don't.


My Mom and I actually took some time for ourselves today. We decided to go to Toad Suck. It just wasn't the same but at least we got away a little. I got some yummy fried pickles and we split a fried twinkie (YUM) and fried smoochies (hershey kisses). It was delicious. After that we came home and took some friends that had stuff to donate to the people they were giving the items too. It was nice to rest a little. It is raining now and they say we are going to be getting tons of rain the next couple of days. So probably won't be doing much work. Anyway, that's all the info I have for now. Please continue to pray for the tornado victims.