Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh So Random.....

1. This weekend was not very exciting. I really didn't do much I did however work on a puzzle and get a cute new scarf and some leggings to wear with a new outfit!

2. I am almost done writing my first song! I have the music to it now I just have to finish writing the words ha!

3. I officially have the American Idol "Pants on the Ground" ringtone, although, I have not set it as my ringtone yet. I just know I would be in the middle of an important conversation and that would go off. How embarrassing!

4. I have not really been watching The Bachelor. I did watch some of it Monday night and may have to start as I see there is a lot of drama this season.

5. Monday morning I woke up to find my car like this........
Apparently someone busted out my tail light. It looks terrible and I hate it. I can't believe someone would do that and not let me know! Anyway for now it is all taped up and ugly, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

6. Heath has started his new job in Mississippi. We haven't talked much the past couple of days because he is working the night shift, which is 7 pm to 7 am. He can't take his phone into work so we don't get much time to talk. So far his job is going good though.

7. I turn 22 Friday! Doesn't everyone love birthdays?

8. I hope you enjoyed the first post on American Idol. I can't wait till Thursday so I can write a new one.

9. I am so upset about the Haiti earthquake. I pray for them all during this difficult time. I am still amazed that they are finding people alive after so long of being under the rubble.

10. Sorry for such a random post but I had so many things I wanted to talk about and I wouldn't be able to blog about each thing!


Emma said...

Stopping by from SITS! Happy Birthday for friday!! :D