Monday, December 22, 2008

Whew it has been quite a weekend! I don't think I have really rested since Wednesday! On Thursday my Mom and I went and finished our christmas shopping!! yay!! I am done! Then Friday we were wrapping presents and finishing up some christmas projects. Saturday we had the Fowlkes family christmas and were supposed to go to the fiance's family for a christmas as well! But the fiance ended up working untill 10 and we did not get to go to his family christmas! Sunday we had christmas at our church on Sunday morning! Since I am a assistant teacher at our church I got a few gifts! I got a beautiful angel that says hope on it, some candy (yum), and a couple christmas ornaments that my cousin Tanner made me! We also finally got to do our secret sis exchange and my secret sis ended up being Nancy! She gave me a $25 gift card to Ruby Tuesday's which I'm sure the fiance and I will be using soon! We also drew for our new secret sis and I am very excited to start giving my new one gifts! Then that afternoon we went christmas caroling to some of the older people in our church! They all really seemed to enjoy it and Ms. Vonnie had hot chocolate (that was delicious) and cookies for us waiting at her house! After christmas caroling we had to go to my aunt's house for her birthday party! I finally managed to get home at about 8! I thought I would post some pictures of a few christmas items around our house!
Here is our christmas tree! I wish you could see it in person because It looks much better in person!!

This is an ornament I made for my mom! It has an R on it for our last initial! I stole this ornament idea from the blog Kelly's Korner! So I have to give her credit for the idea!

And this is what my new initial will be next christmas!! Needless to say I haven't done much wedding stuff! I did look at some bridesmaid dresses on David's Bridal! I haven't decided on any yet! I have a few days of nothing to do untill christmas eve! So maybe I will do some stuff then! This is a really long post so I hope you didn't get bored reading it! I will try to post some this week but I'm not sure how much time I will have!