Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

We started getting ready bright and early that morning! First off was hair appointments then makeup and finally in the dresses!! I absolutly loved my bridesmaids hair and my hair too! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Sarah- My maid of honor getting her hair done!
My Mom getting her hair done!

Me getting my hair done!
Kathryn getting her hair done!
Kali getting her hair done!
Kali's hair!! It's sooo long!!
Jana almost done with her hair!
The back of my hair!
Me and my Maid of Honor Sarah!
Getting my make-up on!
Sarah getting her make-up done!
Tiffany- My Matron of Honor doing her daughter Macy's hair the minature bride!
HAHA shaving my legs in the bathroom!
Lacing up the dress!
Getting the garter on!
My Mom and Mica helping me with the veil!

That's it for now!! There is plenty more to come!!


Reviewer11 said...

wow, congratulations! :) I wish you the very best.

From a SITStah. :)