Friday, July 24, 2009


First of all I would like to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little cousin MACY!! She is two today! We love you! Since I have been doing wedding recaps forever I have finally gotten to where I can update you on where we are now!! As you may have noticed I changed the look of my blog and the name. We are now The Newlywed Cronicles! A lot has been going on since we tied the knot!

We have spent GREAT times with our friends!
Heath celebrated his 25th birthday!
Here is his John Deere cake!
We celebrated Fourth of July!
I was the music leader at Vacation Bible School! Here is Corie and Zack getting a pie in the face and on the head!
I used our brand new crock pot to cook our first meal!
We had Sweet BBQ Ribs....YUM!
And we enjoyed some time out together!

We have been very busy and yet it has all been soo much fun! I am glad to finally bring you up to date on everything so you know where we are at! Since it is the weekend I'm sure I will have many more things to discuss on Monday! So have a GREAT weekend and come back Monday to see how our weekend went!