Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lesson 1

I had my first lesson at the recording studio yesterday! It went GREAT! We basically just did scale runs to see how much of a range my voice has! It was a lot of me me me's, lo, lo, lo's, and la, la la's! It was great though! My next lesson is on the 10th and they will be giving me a song to do!! I can't wait to hear it! This week I have been working on writing songs and so far so good! I haven't actually written a song yet, LOL, but I'm getting plenty of ideas! I am leaving for Memphis today! VERY EXCITED!! Heath has to go over there for a class for work and so I am going and a few of our friends are actually going to be there at the same time!! So I can't wait to spend a weekend away and to have some fun with friends! So I will be having lots of things to blog about so be ready!