Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend....

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!! I had a GREAT one! It was a very busy weekend but it was full of fun!! We went tailgating at the Hogs game on Saturday and had a blast!! Plus the Hogs won!! Sunday was church and after that relaxing the rest of the day. Monday Heath left to go back to work and I stayed for a cookout with my family and because I had to go to lessons on Tuesday! Lessons went GREAT Tuesday and I'm excited about the new song I'm recording! I can't wait to get it finished so everyone can hear it!! Unfortunatly tomorrow I will not be doing Five Favorites Friday! I'm leaving for Branson in the morning for a Women's Conference with my church and will not have time to post before. I will post pictures of my trip as soon as possible!! Have a GREAT weekend!!

Here is us tailgating at the Hogs game!! They won!! GO HOGS!!
Since it rained for about an hour they decided to make a big slip n slide! It was funny to watch them on it!!

Playing baggo!
Me and Chris!
Friday night Heath decided to go get his Razorback tattoo! I love it!!