Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show Us Your Life-PETS

Kelly over at is hosting Show Us Your Life Pets today so I knew I had to join in! Here are our adorable pets!
Here is Holli!
Heath gave me Holli for my 19th birthday! His Mom raised poodles and sold them and we were over there at Christmas time when Holli was first born and I held her in the palm of my hand!! I wanted one soo bad! So my birthday being in January, Heath gave me my sweet baby girl! Holli has two different looks! Ha! She has her long hair look which I love and wish she could keep longer but she just gets soo knoted and her preppy short hair look!
Isn't she soo cute!! I love her soo much and she follows me everywhere I go!

Shadow is Heath's dog!
This picture was taken right after he got him! He is a siberian husky but was soo bad knoted that when we got him he had to be shaved! Poor baby! He looks kinda cute though! He is such a sweetheart and LOVES to be petted!
Last I leave you with a couple of pictures of our babies!
Holli hates when I dress her up or put bows in her hair! But she is just SOO cute with them!
And the gorgeous Shadow! He has one blue eye and one brown eye!

Thanks for visiting!
Head over to Kelly's blog and view some more cute pets!


Melissa said...

your dogs are adorable!

here are our little ones :

have a wonderful weekend!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

What a fun meme! Wish I had found it sooner though.

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