Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Back and with my FIRST award!!

I've been insanely busy and haven't had anytime to blog :( So let me start with what I have been up to! I directed Vacation Bible School with my Mom this past week and had so much fun! The kids seem to really enjoy it and I'm more than glad because it was a lot of hard work! The weekend wasn't very eventful since I had been so busy I needed to relax some! So I am apparently over my week of bible school because I am ready to blog!
I have been watching quite a bit of shows lately! I LOVE summer TV! What are some shows you like? I will list mine!
1. ArmyWives- it really makes you think about the armed services!
2. Drop Dead Diva- It's just HILLARIOUS!
3. The Bachelorette- I have no clue who I want Aly to pick!
4. America's Got Talent- I just love to see the different acts!
5. The Hill's- So sad it was the last episode this week!
6. The City- Not really my favorite but I have to watch!
7. Big Brother- Who is the Sabatuer?
8. Minute to Win it- I just love watching the people do crazy things!
9. Make it or Break it- Yes I realize it's a teenage show! HA!
Ok I think that's it! Told ya I watch a lot!
Holli has been in a playing mood all week! She's just the cutest thing!
Wanting me to play!!
Ok, last but not least!!! I recieved my FIRST blog award!!!!
Thanks soooo much to Brittany at
The rules for this award are to thank the person who gave you the award, share ten things about yourself, pass this award onto ten bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fantastic and finally contact the bloggers to let them know you’ve picked them for an award. So, here we go!

1. I LOVE to sing and am an aspiring country singer! I go to a recording studio once a week to work on my career!

2. I love my family! I couldn't ask for a better family and they are always there when I need them!

3. I am just recently learning to cook and am actually enjoying it! I never thought I would say that!

4. I LOVE to travel! It's so much fun to experice new places and what they have to offer!

5. My Husband is the best! He goes to work and lets me stay home while I'm working on creating my career!

6. I am a die hard Arkansas Razorbacks fan and I absolutly can't wait for football season! Even though I hate that it gets cold!

7. I LOVE to take pictures! It's so much fun to make memories with the people I love!

8. Coca-cola is my absolute favorite! I drink wayyy to much of it and I even have my kitchen decorated in memorbila! I just LOVE it!

9. My puppy Holli is the sweetest! She goes everywhere with me and I hate leaving her!

10. My Hubby and I love to eat out! We go out to eat every weekend and it's always delicious!

The 10 people I tag are:
1. Jessica at
2. Beth at
3. Emily at
4. Jenn at
5. E at
6. Katie at
7. Rebekah at
8. Mrs. Newlywed at
9. Mrs. Ruby at
10. Mrs. S at

You ladies are all so fabulous! I've enjoyed reading your blog!


Mrs. S said...

Thanks girl!
Cute blog!

Katie said...

Yay congrats on your first award!! You deserve it, your blog is soo cute! And thank you for passing it on. I look forward to reading more on your blog!
Happy Friday :)

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw thanks lady! It's always fun getting awards especially your first one!