Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe It's Just Me......

1. Maybe it's just me but I finally gave in and watched my first episode of Glee! I watched the Britney Spears one and I still don't understand why everyone LOVES this show! I thought it was ok but not something I was totally wild about! Do you watch Glee? Maybe I will give it another try or then again maybe not!

Britney en Glee Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Oh my Hubby spoils me so! HA! He bought me a brand new laptop and I LOVE it!! It's soo much faster than the other one I had!

3. I had to go shopping the other day! I just LOVE TJMaxx! Do you shop there? I got 2 shirts and the most adorable dress! I can't wait to wear my new clothes!

$25 TJ Maxx Gift Card Pictures, Images and Photos

4. It's turning cooler here! I don't mind the fall I love football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the other fun things that come with fall! I just wish it could stay warm all year around! I'm not a huge fan of wearing jackets! I am super excited about decorating for the fall! I just haven't accomplished it yet!


Rebekah said...

I just started liking Glee. I started watching in the middle of last season. I'm up for anything where people just burst into song. I love TJMaxx. It's an awesome place and there's always great finds! I wish it were fall here. We're still in the 90's!

Jessica said...

I'm a huge music fan and was in choir growing up so the first season of Glee got me hooked.

Love me some TJ Maxx too!