Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last Sunday I took Holli to Petsmart to have her picture taken with Santa! She did not like it at all! She just wanted her mommy!
This is the best we could get of her licking her nose! HA! I love it though! The pictures cost $10 and $5 of it went to a Humane Society.
I realized I haven't blogged about my Christmas decorations yet so I thought it would be a good time!
Here is the first wreath I made! I like it but I know with practice I can do better!

O Christmas Tree!
Love my stocking holder! We have no fireplace so I bought this for our stockings this year!
Christmas Card Wall!

This little tree lights up too!
Adorable reindeer from my secret sis at church!

Hog Snowman!

My little bathroom Christmas tree!
Bathroom Shelf!

Hog Christmas Plate!
My kitchen is in Coca-Cola so I love this Santa Coke sign!

There you have it! That's all of our decorations this year! I might add a few things but I doubt it since Christmas is so close!


Jessica said...

I love your little stocking holder! Such a great idea!