Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Vacation!

Thursday and Friday the Hubby and I went camping with my Mom and Dad. It was soo nice to get away for a little while even if we weren't that far from home. When we got there and were unpacking and setting up the camper this deer was right in our campsite.
It just stood there and watched! It even came back several times!

I took Holli and my Mom brought her dog Sammy and my brother's dog Thumper!
Here was Holli's favorite spot! She loved looking out the door!

Heath and my Dad got to do a little fishing on the river! It was soo pretty!

Thursday night we had a delicious dinner!!
On Friday we went to the fish hatchery!

He was feeding the trout and they were going crazy!

Here are the baby fish that aren't in the main part yet!
Here is where the baby fish are!

We also went up to the lookout where you can view the Dam and the lake on the other side!
Lake side!
The Dam!

It was a great trip and nice to get away!