Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sorry for my lack of blogging lately! There have been a lot of changes going on lately! My parents have been moving so I have been so busy helping them move that I haven't had time to blog! It's a bitter sweet move! My parents were living in my grandparents old house so it's a little sad to see the house torn down. However, I'm so happy my parents have the chance to build a house they will love! I have more news but you will have to wait for another post for that! HEHE gotta keep ya coming back! Since I haven't been able to I am finally posting my Easter decorations! I got most of my decorations from my Mom! I think they are all so cute!

I hope you all are doing wonderful and are still reading my little blog! I do enjoy reading yours and still read even though I might not comment! Since things are sort of calming down I hope to be back to blogging more! 


Jessica said...

Aw, well I'm glad your parents will get to have a house they love.