Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter did not turn out like I expected it too! My day started off with the news of a horrible accident at my Husband's work. As I was getting ready for church I read about it on a radio station page on Facebook. I immediately thought that even though the station made it sound like it was a small accident I was glad that my Husband was working nights and already home in bed. So I continued getting ready for church. As I was just about to leave Heath received a phone call and it woke him up. The accident was much worse then the station made it sound, one person had been killed and several were injured. Heath didn't get to go into work that night because they didn't want anyone in the plant. I'm so thankful he wasn't there when the accident happened! 

We had a wonderful church service and then a wonderful lunch with family. 

Me and my Momma! Easter 2013!

I am looking forward to this week! We have an appointment for a 3D Ultrasound on Wednesday and I can't wait! I hope you all enjoy your week!