Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am relieved to have gotten all of my bridesmaids dresses!! I am soo excited about them I think they are all beautiful and will look terrific on the BIG day!! I am not posting pictures of the dress that they got because I want everyone to be surprised at how beautiful they all are! So unfortunatly you will just have to wait and see!! I am very glad to have this done and happy with all the dress choices! So here are my fabulous maids in no particular order....

My Cousin Kali!
My Maid of Honor Sarah!

My High School BFF Kathryn!
My Cousin and Matron of Honor Tiffany!
My College BFF Jana!


Anonymous said...

Over from SITS.
Congrats on your upcoming day. Just remember to slow down and ENJOY it. You do all this planning and the day comes and goes... and then you stop and think "It's Over Already?!"
Beautiful bride & pretty maids all in a row!