Sunday, April 19, 2009


I can't believe the weekend is over already! Well it's Sunday night and I watched the Miss USA pagent tonight on TV. I thought all the ladies were beautiful!

Miss. North Carolina was crowned the new Miss USA! I think she is very pretty and if I do say so myself takes GREAT pictures.
And even though she didn't win I still have to support Miss. Arkansas! I thought she looked GREAT and at least she made it to the top 10!

As for my weekend it really wasn't the best weekend. Saturday it rained most of the day and so we stayed home and watched Transporter 3 with some friends! Today I haven't felt good because of allergies so I didn't go to church today :( and really haven't felt like doing much! This week and weekend is supposed to be absolutly gorgeous though! It's going to get in the 80's this weekend! YAY! I love warm weather!

As for wedding stuff, I can't believe the wedding is getting so close. Thursday night we started working on putting invitations together and are doing it again this week too! There is still quite a bit to be done so it's not time to relax yet! I have started having people ask me about shower dates so I am beginning to get excited about having those! I am still getting things together and will post pictures and blog about whatever I am doing! Enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend!!


Donn24g said...

Just stunbled upon your blog over at SITS and thoughts id post a comment. Congratulations on getting married, i am actually getting married this year too (in september). I am so excited and I always love hearing about planning and ideas, feel free to drop by my blog anytime! Happy Monday!!

AndreaLeigh said...

I didn't get to watch the pageant but I sure wish I did. What did you think of California's comment? It's all over the internet.

Just stopping by from SITS to show some love.