Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok hopefully American Idol Thursday will actually start back on Thursday's! Anyway this week I thought there were some good performances and then I also thought that some that were doing good didn't do so well. This week the ones voted off were........................
Katelyn Epperly! I hadn't decided if I liked her yet but I wasn't quite sure that she needed to be voted off. I thought that there were a couple of others that did worse than she did.
Lilly Scott! I am sad to see her go! I really thought she brought something different to American Idol and I thought she deserved to stay.

Todrick Hall! I am glad to see him go! I thought he acted like he was so much better than everyone just because he had performed on broadway with Fantasia. Who cares? Anyway, I am glad he is gone!

Alex Lambert! I am glad he is gone, I thought his voice was way too whiney! I also thought he just wasn't as strong as the others. I thought he had a good tone like Maroon 5 but just not strong enough yet.

All in all I thought that the guys that went off were good choices but I wasn't so thrilled with the girls that left. I think Ellen is getting better as a judge I think she is getting more comfortable but I still cringe everytime I hear her give feedback to a contestant. She usually tells them the same thing and I don't think she has changed it at all. I do like her sense of humor on the show though. It definetly livens things up. So until next week................