Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This week on American Idol the top 12 performed on the big stage. I thought some were excellent and others not so great. I absoultly love Siobhan Magness and she is by far my favorite so far. As for the performers on the reveal show I didn't care so much for. I liked David Cook. I didn't really like Orianthi and I thought Ke$ha's performance was weird. It was kind of lady gaga ish! Just a little weird. So the bottom three of reveal night were Paige Miles, Tim Urban, and Lacey Brown.

Lacey Brown was the one sent home. I was kind of glad I just didn't really get into her music! I thought she had a good voice but I guess it just wasn't my taste. Although I think I would have much rather Tim Urban go home than Lacey Brown, but I am one person and I guess others felt differently!


Mrs. Ruby said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so happy you did because you are too adorable and I love your blog!