Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Random Post :)

1. Hi lovely bloggers! I have been spending some enjoyable time outside with my adorable poodle Holli! I love this weather.

2. I have also been trying to be a good little housewife ha! Keeping things clean and cooking a little (not to much though). Cooking is not my favorite thing. Ha!

3. I have this movie dvr'd and I can't wait to watch it! Maybe it will give me some cooking inspiration! I've heard it's really good so I can't wait.

4. I think I have a wisdom tooth coming in :( I hate the dentist! I would rather smash my finger in a door than go to the dentist. I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up right :(

5. The show on Lifetime Army Wives has come back on. I LOVE this show. It reminds me how lucky I am that there are people that will let their loved ones fight for our country. It's such a good show you should watch it.

6. I finished reading this book the other night and it was soo good. I want to see the movie soo bad. It was one of the best books I have read so I hope the movie is just as good.
7. So I told you all that I was starting to cook more. I need some recipe ideas so help me out if you can!
8. Does anyone else get impluses to buy more things they want when it's warm outside? There are so many new clothes I want! Sigh......

9. I guess that's really it! Hope you all are doing GREAT!