Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boo to You!!

I have started decorating our house for Halloween! I absoloutly love decorating for the holidays! I have mostly completed the inside decorating but I still have to finish the outside so I'm only showing you the inside pictures!
This is the cabinet in our bathroom!

The pumpkins lit up!
This cracks me up! I LOVE it!
This is by the TV in the living room!
My febreze shade! It's in the kitchen and smells GREAT!!
All lit up!
In the living room!

Don't forget the pumpkin candle holder at the bottom!

I love my decorations and want to have people over just so they can see them! HA! I'll be sure to post my outside pics as soon as it's finished!


Jessica said...

I love that witches boot. Haha. I need it!