Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Bored To Blog....

HAHA!! I haven't been doing much lately and so I blame not blogging on being bored! HA! Anyway, did ya'll watch American Idol last night? I must say Steven Tyler is my new favorite judge! Not just because I absolutly love him but I love how hillarious he is on the show! I can't wait to watch it again tonight! The Hubby and I have also been watching The Bachelor! We LOVE Emily! She's just the sweetest! Have you heard of the show Storage Wars? Where people go and buy storage units that people have quit paying on or something and then make like thousands of dollars from the stuff in them. It's crazy! I would buy one and it would just be filled with junk! That's the kind of luck I have! HAHA! Ok enough about shows!
When do you decorate for Valentine's Day? I want to decorate like next week but is that too early? I've never really decorated for Valentine's so I don't know!
Oh yeah, remember when I posted last week about snow! Guess what!?! We got more today! YIKES!! It's still snowing outside but not to much is on the ground! I would prefer it not to make the roads bad because I have a lot planned this weekend since it's my BIRTHDAY!! Oh well, guess we will find out!


Jessica said...

I was pleasantly surprised with Idol, I didn't think I was gonna like it but the new judges have a great dynamic!