Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

I am finally getting to post about our Easter weekend. That Saturday night we stayed home to rest up for the big day. I dyed some Easter eggs for my little cousins to hunt and just because haha!

Wish I had a red egg!

Sunday we got up and went to church. I sang in our church cantata and it was such a joyous time. After the service we stayed at our church for our regular family Easter lunch. We also took some pictures. Here is the good one....
And here is the hubby being silly......

HAHA! Here are us with my parents.
I just loved my dress. I can't wait to wear it again. After pictures and lunch we hid eggs for the little kids and watched them hunt them. It was so much fun.

I received this as a gift from my Secret Sis. It is a huge bag and was filled with some Easter eggs filled with candy. So cute! I love it! I just haven't gotten to use it yet! Everyone said I had the biggest Easter basket lol!


Jessica said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good Easter! What a cute bag!