Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Fun Weekend!

We stayed home and relaxed so nothing too exciting! HAHA!

We went to a friends birthday party. It was lots of fun and good to be out of the house a little.

Wheel of Fortune was in town this weekend looking for contestants for their show. So my Mom and I went to try out! You fill out a piece of paper and they randomly draw people to come on stage. My Mom got chosen!!!!! She didn't get any letters or solve the puzzle but she got some super cool stuff! She got a tshirt, hat, bag, water bottle, and a magnet. I however did not get chosen :( it was tons of fun though!

Fake Pat and Vanna!

My Mom on Stage!

I decided to jump on the couponing wagon!! Here is what I got on Sunday......

My total before coupons was around $15.00 I got it for a GRAND total of $1.50!!!!!! I was super excited! I thought I did pretty good for my first time! I'm slowly learning!

Hope you all had a TERRIFIC weekend!