Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! On Thursday night before Christmas Heath and I opened our gifts to each other. We never seem to have time on Christmas day so we just decided to do it when we want to! I got him a gun and he got me the new KINDLE FIRE!! I love it!

Excuse the terrible picture :(

Christmas Eve was spent at my in-laws! I have no pictures to post because all of my pictures have the new children they are adopting in them and they can't be posted until after they are officially adopted. Anyway, I got a laminator, which I really wanted so I can laminate things for my piano students. Heath got some thermal underwear and we each got a stocking filled with candy! We definitely enjoyed watching the kids open all of their presents.

Christmas morning we went to my parents for breakfast and to open gifts there. I got clothes, a case for my new kindle, Paula Deen Cookbook, a case that will play music from my IPhone, and we each got season passes to Silver Dollar City in Branson! Heath got a coffee pot that's like the Kuerig coffee pots, some coffee for it, pajamas, and the IPhone thing too! We had a wonderful morning.

After Christmas at my parents we headed to our church where we do Christmas with my Mom's aunt's and uncles. We eat lunch and play dirty Santa! This year I finally got these crochet angels that my Aunt Mildred makes! They are the gift everyone wants!

After that we headed to Heath's Grandparents! I always enjoy spending time with Heath's grandparents since I no longer have any that are alive.

We managed to make it home around 6 and then a couple of our friends came over for a little while and we played Phase 10!

Holli with all of her Christmas presents!

A few of my gifts!

The Angels my Aunt Mildred makes!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas! I always enjoy being around our families!