Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I decided to make these glitter pumpkins that I found on the Martha Stewart website! Mine don't look as good as hers but I really like them and think they will look nice with fall decorations!! So here's how I did it........

1. I used fake pumpkins but it will also work with real ones but you have to throw them away when they go bad!
2. First, I painted the pumpkin with a thin layer of Mod Podge.
3. Then I used regular glitter and sprinkled it on the pumpkin.
4. I shook of the excess glitter and then let them dry.
5. And here is how they turned out.........

I used two different colors of glitter.
I made this one for my Mom with just orange glitter.
This one is mine and it has a darker orange glitter on it!
Top view! I think they turned out good! What do you think?


The Wife said...

Came across your blog today and love it! Definitely a follower! Love DIY projects!! Love them!

The Brady Family said...

Those look really good!