Monday, October 12, 2009

Wins and a Wedding

I had a TERRIFIC weekend!! Heres how it went:
Friday: A wedding and a night at the Peabody hotel!
Saturday: Hogs win and dinner at my favorite resturant!
Sunday: Church, lunch with the family and the Cowboys win!!
It was one GREAT weekend so enjoy the pictures!!
Ducks on the Peabody hotel!

The Groom's cake!! Isn't it cute?

Me and Blake the beautiful bride!!

Me and Chris! Ha he was bending down to be as tall as me!
Me and Melissa!
Me and the Hubby!
My two favorite guys!!


Future Mama said...

Aww cute! Congrats on being a newlywed!! What a cute blog! You are going to LOVE married life!

I found you through SITS today!

Lora said...

That's a fantastic groom's cake!
(files away for future reference...)