Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Already?

Wow this week is flying by! I can't believe it's already Thursday!! I am very excited about this weekend though! Tomorrow night we have a wedding to go to and it will be beautiful I'm sure! Don't worry........I'll post pics Monday!! Anyway I'm glad to actually be getting to do something this weekend since I have been sick I haven't done anything for 3 weeks! UGH!! Anyway it should be fun and it's nice to get out! Plus I get to wear my new outfit and shoes.. ha! Soo for today I leave you with this................

Holli says.... HAPPY THURSDAY!! Like my new bow?? (p.s. the picture isn't that great cause it was taken on my phone)


Corrie Howe said...

Stopped by from SITS. Love the pictures. I love the name Heath and your precious pet. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Football and Miley are on at our house all the time.