Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hollywood week began Tuesday and Ellen made her first apperance as an American Idol judge. I actually didn't think she was that bad but I still don't really know how to take it! I'm not sure yet, I don't think I will really know until they are they are done with Hollywood week. I was surprised by how some of the contestants did on Tuesday. I did not expect some of them to do so bad. I also could not believe the contestant that his wife was having their first child and he was in Hollywood for American Idol! That had to be terrible for her! Wednesday was when they had to do group performance. I really hate it when they do groups. I could not handle all the drama of being in a group. I was not very impressed with most of these except for a couple. I didn't really see where they sent home a lot of people from the groups. It just was not a good night to me. I don't really like Hollywood week so I am ready for that to be through and them to be on the stage actually competiting.