Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a GREAT Valentine's weekend! We started out Friday by Heath taking me to our favorite place to eat Fuji's. It was soo good and they give you so much food! I have enough leftovers to last me a week ha! Saturday my Mom and I went to finish up our Valentine's gift shopping and let me tell you it was hectic! I always seem to wait till the last minute for Valentine's day so of course everyone does too! After I got back home we had some friends come over to hang out. Heath fixed some yummy steak and potatoes. It was soo good. Sunday (Valentine's Day) I headed to church this morning and we had a valentine's party in our Sunday School class! They had tons of fun and they were excited about all their valentine's and candy! Sunday afternoon we had lunch with my family like usual and then came home to relax. We finally exchanged our gifts, Heath got me chocolate with a bear, a heart charm and a dog charm for my braclet, and a sweet card. I gave him some Razorback playing cards and this Razorback vinyl car sticker. It started snowing again :( I am ready for it to go away. Thankfully it didn't snow very long and it didn't stick. We were going to go to church Sunday night but since I wasn't feeling good we decided to stay home and relax. It was a great Valentine's day and I'm glad Heath was home for it.

I guess I am dreaming of 85 degree weather because today I was looking online and decided to buy this amazingly cute shirt.
I LOVE it and can't wait till it comes in the mail!
I am so ready to be in flipflops and tanktops, but instead I'm in boots and scarves. Maybe summer will come soon! Hey a girl can dream right?