Monday, February 1, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits!

1. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever even though I just did last Friday!

2. I am so glad to finally be out after being trapped inside by the snow for 3 days!

3. Did anyone else think Taylor Swift's Grammy performance was terrible? I love her but that was just awful!

4. I am almost done writing my first song!

5. Who watched the Miss America pagent? I didn't expect to see Miss. Virgina win, I thought it would have been Miss Hawaii or Miss California but I think she is very pretty and the dress was amazing!

6. Does anyone know how to make your blog into a 3 column. If you do I could use your help because I am confused and don't know how to do it!

7. Most of my weekend consisted of eating junk food, playing mexican dominos, working puzzles, and trying to stay warm with all that snow.

8. I can't wait to watch American Idol tonight!

9. I am one lucky girl! I have the best Husband, family, and friends ever!

10. I love all of my followers and am so thankful to have you follow boring old me! HA!


Lora said...

I don't know how to successfully change to 3 columns...could you pass on any info you receive please? :)

Taylor Swift...she was awful. Cements my feelings that her live performances are just not great.

We got sucked into the Miss America pageant as well. I blame it on the snow ;)