Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been extremely busy the past couple of days. I have made quite some progress in the wedding plans this week. I worked on making the invitations. I must say I really like them and can't wait for everyone to see them. I have begun decorating my flower girl buckets. I will be posting pictures of that process when it is complete! I got the ringbearer pillows and I really like them. My Mom got her Mother-Of-The-Bride dress. It is very pretty. I picked up a few things for my bridesmaids. Last but definately not least... I picked up my wedding dress!! It's beautiful and I love it. I'm very excited to wear it! Now I just have a few wedding accessories to get to go with it and it will be completed. I almost need this weekend to relax but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

I'm not exactly positive of the plans I have for the weekend! I know I have a few things to do tomorrow and then I don't know what else. Heath gets in tonight so I will be spending time with him later. I'm very excited to have crossed off so many things this week! Now on to crossing more items off the list :)


Design it Chic said...

Oooo i remember the day i received my wedding dress.. my husband was out of the country that day, and he actually didn't see the dress until he saw me walking down the isle.. it was so beautiful.. all those emotions and excitement.. oh it still gives me those butterflies! What did you go for, shape wise? Princes cut, the empire waist, A-shape..what?? i get so curious over everything wedding:)) so bare with me!
Oh you have to upload pics from your wedding here! I'm all curious!

Happy Wednesday!