Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Shower #1!!

Our first Wedding shower was given to us last night! Everything was beautiful and it was a lot of fun! I of course got tons of pictures to share but these are a few!

Me and My Mom with the Cake!

My Mom, Me, and Heath's Mom!

I have the best bridesmaids because they were all able to make it to the shower!! YAY!! We got to take our first picture together!

My sweet little cousin Mya enjoying the shower!!

Me and the girls minus one!

Isn't this one adorable minature bride?
Me and my Aunt discussing the gift!
People at the shower!
More guests at the shower!
Me with the Doiley My Aunt Mildred made!
More guests!
There were lots of people there!
Me and one of My Bridesmaids, Jana!
Me and My Maid of Honor, Sarah!

I had a fabulous shower and of course got tons of good stuff! Some of the things I got are a RED microwave to go in my RED kitchen, some plates, RED crockpot, gorgeous towel sets, and a digital picture frame. There is soo much more and I couldn't even begin to list it on here! I do thank everyone for coming and for the gifts I am sure they will be very useful!


Rebekah said...

Stopping by from SITS!!

Looks like you had a great turn out for your first shower, Congrats!!!