Wednesday, May 20, 2009


YAY!! The invitations are in the mail! It is such a relief to have them done!! I will post pictures of the actual invitations as soon as I am sure everyone has got them!!

My Mom putting stamps on the invitations on the way to the post office!
Here they come!

Coming to you from Romance!


Design it Chic said...

WOO-HOO for those sent invitations!!!
but shouldn't you have sent them earlier?? or you already sent a prior "save the date" kind of thing before this?
Eah doesn't matter anyway.. what matters is that you sent them out and now you wait for your big day!:)
Happy Thursday!

(fellow SITS here, you know)

Stephanie said...

How cute that they were mailed from Romance?! I wonder if anywhere fun is around us? We're in Louisville and at Christmas sometimes we take a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to mail our cards. I hadn't thought about that for the wedding invites! Cute! Thanks for the award too :) Yay!!

Jessica said...

Coming over from SITS....

Yay to having all of the invitations out! That's so exciting.