Friday, May 8, 2009

Kris Allen Rocks!!

Kris Allen has made it into the top 3 of American Idol and came home to Arkansas last night but officially did things today! Last night Kris Allen was given 2 Keys to cities one to Jacksonville where he was born and the other to Little Rock! Today he performed at the Riverfront Ampitheater in Little Rock, UCA in Conway and Downtown Conway where I went to see him! The govenor of Arkansas declared today to be KRIS ALLEN DAY and he even went and toured the Govenor's Mansion. In Conway just about every store window and resturant window or sign said something about Kris. He even had a parade through downtown Conway! Needless to say he was welcomed back very VERY well! We did decide to brave the HORRIBLE crowds and go to the concert! We didn't get there in time for the parade but we did get there in time for them to film some for American Idol (soo exciting)! So below are my pictures to show that I was there at the Kris Allen Concert!

Chic-fil-a It says Vote for Kris Allen!
This one speaks for itself!

Conway does LOVE Kris Allen!
He was right on the car! (You can see him in the white shirt above the cop car)!
The confetti they released! There was a ton!
Even though this isn't a very good picture! This is Me and Sarah at the concert!
All of the news crews!
Look at all the people!! The stage is the thing with the green top! We were at the back of the stage!
Kris Allen's Brother intruduced his him!
He was right there but they wouldn't move to get a good picture!
Here he is on the jumbo tron! He was soo nice and seemed soo surprised by all the people! I think they said there was like 18000 there!

I am sure that I didn't think of everything that happened to Kris Allen today! So you will just have to watch American Idol Tuesday night to find out the rest! It was a very good experience and I am glad that we decided to go! I am glad that I can say that I was there and that I got to be a part of the Idol experience! Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!


Beth said...

Well, first of all congrats to you and your fiance. How exciting. 2nd. I will have to start watch American Idol just to find out who Kris Allen is. How exciting though to be able to see him live.