Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We officially have our first item with our names and wedding date on it! At the bridal fair Sunday one of the booths would make these free ribbons for you! So of course I had ours done! We most likely won't be using it in the wedding anywhere but I love having something with our date on it!

I am looking to buy these disposable cameras to put on our tables at the reception! This way guests can take pictures and later we can develop the film and see what pictures our guests took! The only problem is these cameras are kind of expensive! Does anyone know where you can buy these cameras for a cheap price? I am not totally sure that I will do this but I do think it would be a very cool idea! I think it would also get the guests involved! Hmmm... what do you think? Tomorrow we are going back to David's Bridal to hopefully get my last two bridesmaids dresses! YAY! We almost have them all! Some things we are thinking about right now are, photographer, cake, honeymoon, tuxes, and of course invitations. I can't wait to get more things done! It looks like I am going to be busy!