Monday, February 23, 2009

One Busy and Productive Weekend!!

I have had one very busy yet productive weekend!! As of today I have three of the five of my bridesmaids dresses ordered! I went to David's Bridal on Saturday with two of them and went back today with one! I am hopefully going back Thursday with the last two!! I am soo glad to almost have that part done! I will post pictures of our trips after I am done getting every dress!

I have a few decisions to make still though! After going to the bridal fair on Sunday we have a few choices between photographers and cakes. We found a place that does all kinds of gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen that is nearby and I am very excited about that. Now I just have to decide what exactly what I want to get them :) I have found a few flowergirl and minature bride dresses that I love that are from Dillards. Hopefully we will soon get down there and check them out!

I am very happy about our progress this weekend. I will soon be posting pictures from the events that I attended this past weekend! I just have to get everything in order first. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!