Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stampin' Up!

I am happy to announce that my Mom and I are now Stampin' Up consultants! We are so excited and anxious to jump right in learning everything we can! I am making our wedding invitations using Stampin' Up and I am very excited about how they look! Stampin' Up is also good for doing diy favors because the have boxes and bags you can make through them! Making it cheaper and unique! Below are some pictures that I got off of the Stampin' Up website!

This card is an example of die cuts!

Here is an example of a scrapbook page!

These are embellishements such as buttons and pins and things!

Here is some of the beautiful paper!

Stampin' Up offers tons and tons of stamps that are soo cute!

They also have very cute decor things to! The letters on the sign are offered through them!

I am very excited about joining this company! I can't wait to get started making all these great things! We just have to wait for our kit to come in! Which won't be for a little while! If you would like to view more of their products visit their website at