Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday auditions were held in Chicago. I was not impressed with these auditions, and I don't think Simon, Randy, Kara, or Shania were either. There were a few talented singers in this group but I would say only about 15. I really liked the girl who had chronic asthma and had to have her inhaler the whole time. I also liked the girl that had made it into the top 50 on American Idol before (sorry I'm bad with names today). Of course I liked the 16 year old from Arkansas! I mean you gotta support your home state right? I still thought most of the show was about the bad singers and not the good ones. Not one of the best shows I would say!

Wednesday auditions were held in Orlando. I thought this was better than Chicago and seemed to have more talent. The guest judge was Kristen Chenoweth but she had to leave early so it was just Randy, Kara, and Simon on day 2. There were a few I really liked from this group. The girl that couldn't move one side of her face really surprised me, I thought it was really good. I also liked the guy that robbed a bank with a bb gun at 15 and was in jail for four years. Also, the guy that had an Autistic son was really good too! The sisters that tried out together were ok, I just don't think you should try out in a pair. I think it goes better if you try out as a solo.

Anyway, so far my favorite audition site has been Atlanta. I thought they had the most talent and their singers were incredible. Who knows that could all change next week!


Mrs. A said...

I agree Atlanta was the best so far. I'm enjoying your updates :)