Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CMT Awards/Nashville Love :)

I was watching the CMT Awards and it made me miss Nashville! I loved the opening act of the awards show! I mean Kid Rock! AWESOME!! Anyway, I thought Kellie Pickler's dress was terrible and I didn't like Miranda Lambert's either! It was GREAT to see Leann Rimes back! I love her music! I actually really enjoyed the Kieth Urban and John Mayer performance! I wasn't sure but it was pretty entertaining and their guitar was awesome!! I am so glad that Carrie Underwood got the video of the year! She is such a good singer!
Since I missed Nashville so much and it's almost been a year since I have been I had to post some pictures of our Honeymoon spent there! It was a blast and I truly can't wait to come back!
Here is me singing in one of the bars! It was a dream come true and I had soo much fun! It is still an incredible feeling and I must go back to sing again!

Here is me and the Hubby standing in front of the Grand Ole Opry. We unfortunatly didn't attend the Opry and I hope to one day or better yet, sing there!

I truly LOVE Nashville and have to return soon or I will go CRAZY!! HAHA! Do ya'll have a place you feel like this about?