Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Another Random Day!

1. I confessed to you in my last post that I'm a snacker! I also said I needed to snack on more healthy foods so I got these.....

Craisins Pictures, Images and Photos

Craisins! They are soo good! I also got Special K Strawberry Fruit Crisp bars they are good too! I feel healthy already ha!
2. I am trying to save on our groceries so I have been cutting coupons! What are your favorite sites to get coupons on? Where do you think is the cheapest place to get your groceries?
3. I have something very exciting happening tomorrrow night! I can't wait to tell you but you will just have to wait and see!
4. The flood that hit the Albert Pike Campground here in Arkansas was just so sad! I hate that so many lost their lives!
5. Here is another quick, easy, and soo yummy recipe!
Chicken Cacciatore
2-3 Chicken Breast
1{24 Oz.} jar of Newman's Own SOCKAROONI Sauce
That's it! I know just 2 ingrediants!
Boil your chicken breast, drain, shred, and return to the pan.

Open your Sockarooni sauce and pour it over the chicken! Stir untill well mixed!

Cook on Medium heat for about 10 minutes or until heated through.
And your done!!

6. I got this recipe from
If you don't follow her you should! She has delicious recipes!


Tatum-LeTard said...

Yummy! Congrats on your one year anniversary... I bet it's been fun keeping a blog of your love! I plan to turn my now wedding blog into a love blog once we're married! Glad I ran across your page! Happy Friday!