Friday, June 18, 2010

A Quick Update

WOW have I been busy this week! Ok lets start with today! I went to Wild River Country with my cousin and some friends! It was a lot of fun but my legs are paying for it! HA! They are pretty red! Oh well, I'll live! Yesterday, we went to Gusano's to watch the Lakers and Celtics game! I wanted the Celtics to win but Congrats to the Lakers! Now the BIG news!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday night I had the priveledge to go to a concert being done by the recording studio I am recording with! The concert was a Virgin Records Showcase. I actually got to meet one of the people from Virgin Records. It was soo exciting and really made me realize what I need to do to get my career where I want it! So PRAY things will start taking off with my career soon! I have an audition this weekend and hopefully it will be good! I hope you all have a GREAT weekend with your Father's and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! It should be a busy and fun weekend!