Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Recap and Catch Up!

Wow it sure has been awhile since I've blogged! I just really haven't had much to post about except the Baby and it hasn't been that exciting lately so I didn't feel the need to post! So let's catch up......

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful! We enjoyed spending it with all of our family and always love the holiday's so we can spend more time with family!

Now for this past weekend!

Friday morning was a Dr. appointment! We got to see our little baby and hear it's heartbeat. My Dr. also gave us a clue as to what it might be but we will have to wait until January to be sure! I am officially in my 2nd trimester and 14 weeks along! That afternoon and evening we stayed home and relaxed all day. 

 Saturday this sweet girl came to visit her Aunt and Uncle for a little while. She's such a little cutie and I love watching her grow!
After that we went out to eat that night at Fuji's with friends! It was such a good time and I love seeing our friends!

Here is a picture of the wreath I made! I love it! I do have all of our Christmas decorations up and will be posting pics of them soon! Now if only I could get all of our Christmas shopping done! 

Today I haven't felt good so I have stayed home but I think I've been feeling our little baby all day so that makes it better! The Hubby had to go back off to work for a week and so he left today! I miss him already but at least it's only a week this time! 

 I'm hoping to get a baby bump picture up this week and also a poll to see if ya'll think it's a boy or a girl! Enjoy your week!